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  • azizhvmocroft azizhvmocroft Oct 4, 2013 7:20 AM Flag

    Anyone else get the email from UA?

    Underground Stock Alerts (google em) just came out with a detailed report on SLW today - I recommend any fellow shareholders here sign up immediately and wait for the next update, last time they alerted a stock as a buy it went up 1350%, and last two times they put out sell ratings the stocks dove over 75% - don't be the last to know and get screwed, I learned my lesson on their MSFT sell alert, and GOOG buy alert sub $300.

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    • UA is a trolling internet scam. Anyone who asks for money or offers services on stock picks of any kind is a scam. Always remember that. Once a company comes public, nobody knows where it is going, not even the best known names in the trading world are ever greater than 40% of the time and they will tell you that. the trick is all about discipline and position sizing and structure. Let your winners be twice as large as your losers over a long period of time. NEVER EVER sign up for a news letter and take everything you read on these boards as just entertainment.

    • Just before midnight and Kitco has it at $21.63. Slightly bearish Chemaes?

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      • There's real danger here of another $1.00 down move in silver.

        Those bear targets are $19.35 and $19.633. I give them freely because I won't try to bottom fish it. I heard a funny saying the other day "those that pick bottoms, end up with stinky fingers":) After this prolonged trip down, I don't believe it will be a strong bounce up, but it will be sideways action for at least several weeks continuously testing the bottom and coinciding with the next debt debate in the USA. If there's a chance it will move up, it seems that will be a catalyst. There's a rule I have, don't try to catch the last 20% of a move, it will turn on ya, and I believe 85% to 90% of silver's total move bearishly over two years is complete

        I believe the way to play this is to watch for the price point where shorts will cover and or reverse their positions to long. On a day trading basis $20.779 is the price, for a more substantive price that has real strength $20.959. I leg-in on meeting the first price, then scale in more on the second taking no more than 1/5th of a position holding overnight depending on how strong a move silver has above and over $20.959.

        I've been mainly trading oil and nat gas lately because silver is broken on the bull side, with the bear side working but the problem is my system works on momentum balance. Moving one way all the time makes my system too difficult to calculate and track. As of yesterday I had 22 calculations running on silver alone. Today, I've cleaned it up with the break to $20.50 down to 7 calculations.

        I'll tell you this, I never believed silver could be beaten so badly.

    • Do the miners lead the metals? In both directions?

    • Do the miners lead the metals? In both directions?

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