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  • hapiwondrer hapiwondrer Oct 4, 2013 7:10 PM Flag

    How do we know?

    Part 1:

    How do we know that the NSA’s real mission isn’t to categorize investors into the 99.995%, then manipulate markets to make sure the 0.005% are on the winning side of all losing trades of the 99.995% from the information they provide. After all it is top secret, correct? The facility in Utah is the largest of its kind.

    A story was told by an acquaintance of ours some years ago. This acquaintance, we’ll call him Joe, worked for a major WWII military aircraft manufacturer. Joe says that at this point in his life there is little that can be done to him for his disclosure. According to him within the engineering department there was a “secret room” where some sort of top secret development effort was ongoing. Not even military liaison inspectors were allowed from any branch of the services.

    After the war a new machine, developed in that “secret room”, and carefully hidden from the public, was sold on the market as the first machine to pit olives. Immediately the olive packing industry made many millions for the developer under the carefully hidden source of its research and development at wartime taxpayers’ expense.

    The public did receive the benefit of very inexpensive canned olives. But what of the financial theft taking place at the NSA as a tool of the banksters? Is that the REAL reason that Edward Snowden’s revelations are so damaging? Calls to a stock broker and transactions you place using your computer are recorded at the NSA.

    The reassuring answer will come from one of your “elected” representatives that no such activity is taking place, if you are willing to believe what that most officials most would speak truthfully. If you think that all of this data is available to anyone anyway, just remember that NSA computers process at trillions of times faster than yours making possible small winnings that add up to billion$ in mere minutes for the banksters’ though their insiders at the NSA.

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    • Part 2:

      To be continued.

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      • Part 2:

        Having only guessed at the ramifications of NSA spying, the following pretty much confirms the guess:

        “Latest Leak Shows NSA Engaging In Economic Espionage -- Not Fighting Terrorism”.

        Simply put the above title in your browser to find it on the Internet. There are many sources to the same titled article. Undoubtedly you can find many others with a different perspective by using other browser keywords.

        Now you may think this has nothing to do with YOU. But what if it does? What if YOUR losses could be from privileged access by the banksters to NSA data? What if those of you who are PM investors are being targeted as a group to make sure YOU incur losses so all this fiat counterfeit fraudulent bankster monopoly money retains its value, when any study of legitimate economics would indicate otherwise? Among those who have studied the history of the longevity of fiat money Edwin Veira contends the average lifespan of funny money is 27 years.

        If we can guess correctly at what is going on, how many others are thinking the same thing? At some point that should become really worrisome to NSA’s proponents as their real agenda comes out in the open to a wider audience and indicates NSA’s proponents are consorting with those who have criminal intent.

        To be continued.

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