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  • williamszxz williamszxz Oct 9, 2013 11:05 PM Flag

    The complete destruction of the gold price is happened right before

    your eyes...pretty soon SLW will be $5 and the POG will be $800 or a lot less..get out and get into LVS or guys have to move on to a better investment...Gold is not acting right and that means disaster.

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    • If you believe SLW is going to $5 and gold to $800...why wouldnt you short the hell out of them? Huge profits to be made.

    • Yes. It does seem that the downhill road ahead is 3-4 years in duration. Never underestimate how those who control counterfeit money, and anything related to it, can cause capitulation within the ranks of those who think we have turned the corner and PM pricing is about to turn around and head upwards.

      All should realize what they are up against if they wish to be on the winning side eventually. That means finding the bottom below which the elitists and their banksters cannot suppress PM prices further. It also means staying away from paper based assets. At some point PMs, like silver, will become so scarce that industries that depend on it will not be able to function without paying for it according to its true value; meaning the vast majority have decided to shun bankster manipulated paper assets and acquire those with real value. This approach requires no particular knowledge of charts, cycles, oscillators, the release of economic data by the government, etc. It means removing from the market place that which cannot be replaced on a computer screen or a printing press. Let’s see them try their manipulative techniques then. When there is hardly anything left to manipulate it is checkmate.

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