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  • williamszxz williamszxz Oct 11, 2013 11:21 AM Flag

    SLW has lost 24% of it value in less than 2 months..on 8-27-13 SLW was $29, today $22..the big

    holders have taken a tremendous loss and are now facing complete destruction of their portfolio...get out before

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    • Now's when you want to be buying. Much more upside form here than down.

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      • Have any of you ever gone fishing. One way to get the fish to bite is to slightly raise and lower the bait. This attracts the fish to bite.

        That kind of looks like the PM markets right now. The manipulators are raising and lowering the gold price. Those that think price has finally hit bottom “bite”. The bait gets raised a bit, and then down it goes as the buyers get “caught” and hold while price continues lower still.

        When you’re dealing with the criminal bankster element that has no legal restrictions, and you want to succeed, it’s best to realize that the only thing preventing them from making you lose is if you successfully are able to know when price can no longer be driven lower by manipulative practices.

        The thing about too many buying too early is the criminal bankster element sees it as an opportunity to manipulate the price even lower. A certain percentage of those will capitulate as the price declines. Only when price manipulation to lower levels cannot experience gains for the bankster element is it a good time to buy. Those that hold off will retain enough capital to obliterate those using illegal tactics to lower PM prices and then a significant “short squeeze” will result. So don’t let yourselves get drained of the capital that could contribute to upside potential. This is WAR. Use your best judgment and we will slay the banksters economically.

    • tulsadevlin Oct 11, 2013 11:39 AM Flag

      Or you dollar cost average down.Now is not the time to sell.
      SLW will come back. Patience.

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      • if you think the price of silver is going to be heading down and down and down....then im sorry but you have your head up your &^%$ #$%$. SLW at 21 and change is a great buy. Don't believe me, I dont give a %&*&*. I'll be making money when this things turns up and goes past 30. till then I'll just wait it out and dollar cost average my pretty little #$%$

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