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  • blaisehanon Oct 17, 2013 2:31 PM Flag

    that tea party fiasco is ubber bullish pm's .bearish $

    i think this debt ceiling fiasco and the fact that a small minority of tea party braindead bigots can have ANY influence
    on the sorts of the most powerfull country in the world is very bullish PM's...
    The world is not going to put with thais #$%$,this is 3rd world #$%$,they will keep buying risky assets because of QE infinity but you'll see the $ sink and pm's rise...
    a big thank you form the pm's longs to the hockey moms..

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    • Really a sad day for America when a party is demonized for wanting to rein in spending and cut the American people's taxes. That would be YOUR taxes Blaisehanon. Unless, of course, you don't pay any. Incredibly stupid people out there and that is why we are in the condition we are in. They are drinking the media Kool-Aid instead of thinking for themselves. I have zero hope for this country going forward. Plus Blaisehanon, your post makes no sense. What do you mean by "on the sorts of the most powerful country"?
      Is English your second language?

    • Blame the tea party? Amazing while Obama goes from the book of Sal Alinski and "Rules For Radicals"..Is that who you stand with? Obama? I'd bet America does not know that Old Sal's book was tributed in the name of LUCIFER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And that's a fact Jack...Wake up to where the REAL threat to this country sleeps at night..1600 Pennsylvania Avenue would be the answer...

    • Read the book, "The Synagogue of Satan" by Hitchcock to understand. It's at Amazon. You will never understand what's going on if you don't.

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      • Disclaimer: this book will not be read based on the reviews at Amazon.

        All that reviewed this book gave it one star, and one of the reasons it was given that rating is because it was considered anti-Semitic.

        The problem with anti-Semitism is it fails to separate good from bad. The Jewish community is partly at fault for this because there appears to be, many times, a failure by many of that faith to come together and condemn the bad actors among them. That in itself is NOT universal, but what seems to be a tendency, which is as bad as anti-Semitism when it can be reasonably identified. To further distance this reply from any hint of anti-Semitism, Peter Schiff has shown himself to be opposed to the way the country’s economy has been run out of Washington, DC.

        Inclusions of so many that identify themselves as Jewish are in finance and banking. Why is it that the recent Fed chairmen have been Jewish, including the newest candidate? A guess would be that US militarism, the Middle East and what Eisenhower referred to as the “military industrial complex” are involved. The Rothschilds, from the early onset of the name as goldsmiths, lent to countries that wished to war against each other. This shows that many in the Jewish community, because of the Fed’s economic power, do not wish to speak openly and suggest the Fed is the problem and should be done away with. The practice continues to this day.

        In the 1910 top secret meeting at Jekyll Island counterfeit money was born in violation of the US Constitution with Rothschild allies in attendance. This was a despicable act of seizing control by the elite over the nation’s money. This has gone worldwide placing western banksters as the arbitragers of the living standards of everyone else.

        The Muslims are not much different when it comes to their need to be in control, which leaves those of the Christian faith in the middle pummeled from each, one with physical harm, the other financial.

    • "Healthcare is the cornerstone to the archway of socialism" Lenin. Enough said????

    • Yes, let's blame the Tea Party for trying to reverse the irresponsible spending binge the government is on. Like blaming an intervention group for taking an alcoholic's bottle away. The country has been dumbed down so badly people believe the government will wipe their #$%$ for them just like Barrack has promised. He is a disgrace trying to make more people dependent and secure the Dem voting block.

    • you are out of line. Team Obama are Marxists. Too much debt!!!!! will cripple USA.

    • I'm still trying to figure out how people that started out wanting a balanced budget, lower taxes on the middle class, and smaller government turned into "brain dead bigots". Sounds like the media did a darn good job at portraying them as a fringe element.

      Sentiment: Hold

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      • Some of us recognize that the federal government operates way, way outside of the Constitutional limitations placed upon it. Even the money we use is fraudulent and operates in controversy with that same document. The bogus money is America's single greatest problem; it has been the enabling device for the overthrow of the republican form of government—that and the ill-educated people. Some of these same people tried to draw a line in the sand and had they had the gumption to continue the fight in the House, instead of rolling over as they did, it may have spelled an historical turning point away from the social democratic system that has supplanted the republican form of government stipulated in that self same Constitution.

        Unfortunately, the Bolshevik Media turned their propaganda fire hose on the 'conservatives' in the House and they couldn't weather the dousing. So, they folded their tents and gave in. The communists still hold sway and the duped and dumbed down people haven't a clue as to what is really going on.

        The country has defaulted before, during the War of Northern Aggression, again in 1933, again when silver was decoupled from the money in 1964 and yet again when Nixon closed the gold window in 1971. But, like above, the people haven't a clue and are only capable of spouting 'sound bite' logic, which is intended for the people to make the little tidbits theirs so that they can feel comfortable while their country goes down for the count.

        Intellectual prostitution is rampant. This could be the lull before the fall.

      • the fact still is they have hurt the nations GDP which is not helping the so called "recovery"
        personal enrichment at the expense of the tax payers does not a "patriot" make.
        if Yellen is the next chairperson QE might not be tapered until March 2014

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