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  • okeypoke okeypoke Oct 27, 2013 9:19 PM Flag


    Hundreds of thousands of Americans have already lost their health insurance due to Obamacare, and soon millions will have lost it. Conservative commentators have noted that, from all that appears, more people have lost their health insurance than have signed up for plans in health insurance exchanges.

    The comparison is specious, however, because those who lose their insurance become new candidates for the exchanges. Indeed, having previously been insured, and in many cases having purchased insurance, they are more likely than the uninsured to want to buy insurance now. They will be counted on to make up the numbers necessary for the exchanges to succeed.

    Their loss of insurance, then, is not a flaw in Obamacare. It is an integral part of the overall design.

    This was the main takeaway from Megyn Kelly’s interview with Obamacare architect Ezekiel Emanuel. Emmanuel expressed no regret that folks are losing their health insurance; to the contrary, he seemed pleased.

    He defended this attitude on the grounds that the insurance available in the exchanges is much better than the plans that folks are losing, which don’t offer enough coverage to suit Emanuel. But this defense is untenable. If the Obama administration really believed in the overall superiority of the plans on the exchanges, it would allow people to choose between their current insurance plan and the plans being offered on the exchanges.

    Emanuel is pleased that folks are losing their insurance not because their insurance isn’t good enough. He is pleased because folks will be driven to pay more for insurance which, in turn, will help subsidize the insurance of others.

    To be sure, some of those who buy insurance on an exchange will receive subsidy payments. There will be winners and losers, as with any redistributionist program.

    And make no mistake, that is what Obamacare is, at root — a massive disruption of our health care system in the name of wealth redistribution.

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    • This is step one in getting the Federal Government to run the whole healthcare system ala U.S. Postal System.. Next step will be Nationalism of industry. Step after that will be Communism.

    • Looks to me like tons of younger and decent wage earners are just throwing up their hands and saying #$%$ it. Hoping they dont get sick...I can almost see someone not buying insurance to spite Obama..

    • Add to that the millions that will not sign up and they have a problem. After all, they were counting on the solvent to finance the insolvent.

    • And SLW is going to do what based on this information? I'm all for political discourse, however this is not the forum for it.

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      • Is this subject appropriate for this forum? The story behind the story is not always apparent. Remember that the ACA is going to do nothing but impoverish people and destroy businesses. In turn that is going to make many turn to alternatives, like Medicaid, which is already happening. Medicaid is funded mostly by the Federal Government, meaning with printed dollars. The deficits will explode with time unless there is a wake-up call in enough of our elected officials.

        Due to this program alone, your PMs and that of PM mining companies will explode, upwards. We have idiots installed as our representatives in Washington, most of whom appear to come from the largest states, like New York, Illinois and California. Unless that changes it will be business as usual as the United States descends more rapidly with time into 3rd world status. Of course that is the plan, to create dependency.

        Watching the poor performance of PMs and associated mining companies over the past 3 years has dispirited many, but with the above scenario it only represents an opportunity to profit handsomely in the future. It’s the old saw, buy low and sell high, but don’t buy before the bottom is in. We’ll have to see how Janet Yellen proceeds to attempt to destroy PMs and PM mining company share prices in her agenda as the new Fed chief.

        A bit of research recently disclosed that there is an Edelman Financial listed as part of the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations). On his syndicated national radio broadcast Ric Edelman and his cohorts have recently been trashing PMs and other commodities at every opportunity. While Ric Edelman does not appear to be the CFR Edelman, the synergy is suspicious but probably wouldn’t sway most who visit this message board.

        Borg made excellent point about those who are exempted, which includes unions, members of Congress and a host of other recipients of special favors from this poor excuse for a government touting itself as representative of a free people.

    • The unknown known has always been, the number of insurance co's removing insurance products BECAUSE of Obamacare, thus tossing the perfectly insured into the pot.

      Like removing a hair from a cheap paint brushed wall, sometimes the entire wall requires repainting.

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      • What in the world do you mean, "tossing the perfectly insured into the pot"?

      • mardemj,

        Ah, I see we have another Obama Kool-Aid drinker trolling the stock boards.

        GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT: All insurance policies sold in the U.S. after 2014 MUST comply with ACA standards. Under the new law, insurance providers will no longer be allowed to sell a wide variety of products either within the exchanges or as private plans. Many people (like myself) are healthy and carry a low-cost-high-deductible plan to cover emergency and catastrophic hospitalization situations -- that's all we need or want. Those plans are going away by government decree, NOT because insurance companies are trying to "dump" their customers!

        As to your Marxist wet dream about "wealth redistribution": well Spanky, THAT ain't happening either! ACA is nothing more than a giant cash cow designed to enrich government at the expense of the American Middle-Class. The working-poor are being hit the hardest as they see their costs doubling! And don't worry about the insurance companies, by 2020 most of them will be forced out of the healthcare business anyway. If ACA is supposed to be an example of your Maoist / Marxist utopia, why did the government structure the law to include some 650 exemption classes?

        I wonder if ACA will cover your prescription for Stupid Pills?

    • FYI Ezekiel Emanuel is the brother of Chicago mayor (and former senior Obama and Clinton admin. staffer) Rahm Emanuel.

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