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  • mardermj mardermj Oct 28, 2013 2:22 AM Flag

    It' s always the government's fault

    if a program is started where corporations are successful in gaming the system so adroitly, tax coffers and individual payments flow through the peoples and governmental hands like so much sand between eager frustrated fingers at the beach, instead of their intended targets, the program benefits.

    Obamacare joins a long list of great intentions, marred by greed and unforeseen consequences, like the cancellation of existing health care programs and sup-plantation by--whatever--as the chips fall where THEY may, unknown till they all land. My theory is simple, without a basic honesty and desire to do good, the simple math is, the programs become additive, until copays equal the cost of the original benefit, PLUS the addition of government or insurance additive. Example--my $650 tooth cap, is now, $650 copay plus $650 plan contribution, or $1300. My dentist is thrilled, and I get to pay a mere $200 a month for the privilege of this new "benefit".

    Why is it the "government's" fault, if the system put into place, isn't completely blocked of holes drilled through by hucksters and dishonesty? How did it happen we all became "catch me if you can" oriented, then point fingers because the system isn't bullet proof beyond our own ability to game it?

    Good luck with that.

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