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  • mardermj mardermj Oct 28, 2013 2:44 AM Flag

    When oil was $70 a barrel, gasoline was $4.25 a gallon 2005 or so.

    Now it ranges from $85-$110 a barrel, and gas is $3.65 a gallon. 40% more a barrel translates into 20% LESS a gallon of gas because, the government stepped on the gospel of greed and shook down the opportunist oil co's.

    Now if the government could only shake down the health care industry the same way. I'd start by offering insurance co's the opportunity to incentivize ex pat (non US based) health care.

    I wonder how much a quintuple bypass in the US, about $100,000, would drop to, if the government allowed Blue Cross Blue Shield to pay the patient an incentive BONUS of $18000 to have the operation in Germany or Japan, AND pay the $18,000 it costs there to have the operation? Or Belize, or Costa Rica, all of which have state of the art facilities as good as the US?

    For those of us who research such health care capabilities, and know that research into new cures for disease are NOT funded by operational costs of hospitals or doctor's care, the answer is easy.

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    • good post, it's amazing how many people think you can only get good health care in the US and are afraid to go to places like you mention that usually have just as good care for 1/5th the cost or less. Cross border competition would really help.

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