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  • pm_guru_1 pm_guru_1 Nov 13, 2013 11:08 PM Flag

    Silver is the MOST AMAZING MEDICINE there is!!!! Modern medicine IGNORES IT

    Sure they're putting it onto surfaces to disinfect germs, and silver has always been used to treat burn victims, but the AMA and Big Pharma Sickcare Cartel would NEVER want it to get out that colloidal silver is FAR SUPERIOR to any of their dangerous and often ineffective antibiotics. Learn about it. It is nontoxic and KILLS BACTERIA, FUNGI, and VIRUSES DEAD. I NEVER get sick. I got deathly ill after eating bad airport food in NYC once and immediately began drinking a teaspoon of 10 PPM colloidal silver every 1-2 hours and within 8 hours I was recovered enough to go to work the next morning. I know a friend who had a bad UTI (urinary tract infection) and was given antibiotics. They DIDN'T WORK. A couple weeks later she was even sicker and the infection went into her kidneys and she said her back hurt immensely and felt like she was #$%$ razor blades. Her doctor gave her a 2 week course of CIPRO (a very strong and dangerous drug with bad side effects) After that her infection was still not cured. I suggested she try some colloidal silver for a few days and see what happened. GUESS WHAT? It cured her horrible infection rapidly with no side effects. Colloidal silver is superior to anitbiotics because it is natural, side-effect free and CHEAP. Bacteria cannot build resistance to silver. EVER. God did better than Man ever could. But don't look for the MEDICAL MAFIA to ever let you in on these secrets what make them OBSOLETE for most of their "work" (writing BS prescriptions for pharmaceutical #$%$, which is all based on nature anyways.) There can be NO PROFIT for them with HEALTHY NON-SICK people taking inexpensive easy to obtain medicine. Cannabinoids in cannabis CURES CANCER too, that's another major secret they are suppressing. Most cancer patients could move to Colorado and take large internal doses of cannabis oil and cure their cancer in months. I keep several large bottles of silver water on hand ALWAYS.

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    • Cannabis CURES CANCER and colloidal silver obsoletes antibiotics. Sucks to be a Big Pharma Poison Pusher!

    • great post! thank you for taking the time to write that diatribe! ;)

    • They always try to scare people with the "Blue Guy." He made his own colloidal silver himself and did not use the right processes and control, and he overdosed himself over time by consuming MASSIVE amounts and he got a weird bluish tint on his body. That will not happen to anyone who uses high quality pharmaceutical grade CS even if they used it daily for decades.

      I am long silver, but more importantly, I AM *MY OWN* DOCTOR NOW WITH SILVER, THE MEDICAL MIRACLE THAT STOPS SICKNESS DEAD IN ITS TRACKS. Antibiotics are doing people a lot of harm. Look at the long term damage the "floxing" antibiotics have caused patients. The side effects can be permanent. Harming people at great cost when a $20 bottle of silver could cure several people of many ailments.

      Stay the course, silver is still one of the best physical assets ANY PERSON ON EARTH CAN AND SHOULD OWN IN SIZE. 1 oz of silver or a $20 Fiat Debt Note backed by a bunch of turds? Gee, it's so hard, let me think about it...

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