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  • super55139 super55139 Dec 2, 2013 2:15 PM Flag

    this is #$%$

    I'm buying more here...#$%$ k yall haters

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    • you FOOL ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; why throw $$$ out window ???
      better go to Casino.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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      • Hi Melodias,

        You are certainly right about the throwing money away buying at this time. Years ago we used to watch a TV program called “Charting the Market” with Gene Morgan. His recommendations ALWAYS were to wait for a double bottom to occur. Today that is quite an art to try and spot one because the stock market, in the opinion here, is highly manipulated from Federal Reserve influence. Just enough non-bankster people broadcasting their intentions appears to be a flag for those in manipulation mode to violate that correlation as a turning point. We shouldn’t want to give these blisturds (that’s called censor avoidance) a dime more than we can possibly avoid.

        A better indication is long term support, which has not as yet been reached, but we’re getting close. For that to be violated means the banksters and their allies are going to start bleeding counterfeit fiat funny monopoly money to prevent a run-a-way market to the downside. This could kill any perception of a "recovery" and support for the socialist agenda by the ruling elite. If enough non-bankster types correctly get a good price, over time that will damage the bankster agenda. Besides, it’s always very entertaining to watch them squirm, kind of like watching the country’s enemy leaderships’ arms and legs flying apart in mortar explosions (admittedly an extremely rare event).

        Unlike many who inhabit this message board, these are sincere opinions not meant to steer people in the wrong direction for our benefit, which doesn’t necessarily mean correct conclusions.

      • it. wrote down your name and have it in my records. As time goes by you may forget about this stupid comment but I won't and when the time's right, I'll remind you....

    • I make more coming in and out of this than on any of my dividend payers. I put the sell in as soon as I have it and wait. maybe I have just been lucky on timing but been doing it for quite a while. This is a very good buy from my perspective at this price

      Sentiment: Buy

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