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  • jimmyd727 jimmyd727 Dec 6, 2013 9:52 AM Flag

    Are we ever going to make a run to $30 per share again?

    Seriously, this is like watching paint drying....ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • blaisehanon Dec 13, 2013 5:23 AM Flag

      bullish case
      double bottom around 18 19 at major support.,just like silver.
      the move should be explosive next few weeks.
      If it breaks 18 then watch out below.

    • What is at work here is a number of countries that have sworn among themselves to disassociate themselves from the US Dollar. How much effort they put into this and what hurdles this implies for those who do what has to come from the thinking of expert economists with a clear understanding of where fiat monetary systems will lead into the future will provide an approximate day when central banksters will meet their Waterloo. There is a tremendous amount of momentum involved to try and effect change that appears to be beyond the capability of most to make an assessment of even an approximate time to bring about change.

      The US Dollar is “toast” in the long run as are all other fiat currencies. All must reach their true value, zero, before there will be substantial change in the value of companies in the PM sector, like SLW. Many know what happened in the case of Rome when their money became worthless. That took 100s of years long before the advent of the Internet. Now, with each mounting level of risk by central banks to protect a system of fiat money, the probability of a catastrophic quickly unfolding catastrophic event that will bring down their criminal enterprises makes more likely that fiat money systems will implode sooner rather than later. The success of replacing the current system of central bank criminality depends on ridding populations of all those who have participated in it since they are committed to its continuance.

      But we are not there yet. For individuals to place their finite resources at risk too soon just forestalls the day when fiat money systems collapse. Alternatively if more adopt a prudent approach and attempt to place their resources at as near the bottom of the current manipulative efforts of the bankster gang to drive PMs lower, the sooner will fiat money systems implode and the better will be the success of the opponents to fiat money.

    • yes

    • My take is that the coming rally may extend for three weeks. Whether it will be $30 for SLW I don't know. Silver is about to explode. If that means $25, I don't think we will see $30 in SLW. If that means $26-27, we might.

    • Looks like the FED will be tapering soon but is this already baked in...When the high flyers in the general market correct by Id say at least 25% with tapering and higher intrest rates will PMs shine or suffer along with ?

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