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  • mardermj mardermj Dec 12, 2013 9:48 AM Flag

    I'm shocked, SHOCKED!! Claims skyward, Taper's Off the Table Dec 18--under Yellen? 2016 maybe.

    Used to be 2018 when real estate recovers, but loose lipped Bernookie took that one off the table about a whole percentage point, and refi's are down 60%, and real estate values have backed off highs about 3%, with another ten percent coming if tapering is even MENTIONED with seriousness. Meanwhile, expect the FOMC to be FOMC at the mouth with all kinds of hints, and the fact that housing is not part of many's budget means they are spending, the employed (78% with real jobs) on doodads instead of new digs.

    Meanwhile, silver is taking a drubbing because the handwriting is on the wall SOMEDAY, and nervous nellies, having little faith govt is rational to begin with, have zero faith they'll do the "right" Keynsian printing routine, and are taking money off the table. A swing traders delight, investing in PM has gone out the window since Bernookie's blunder in spades.

    Heston said it best in Planet of the Apes 1968: "It's a madhouse, a MADHOUSE"!

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