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  • sami0418 sami0418 Dec 16, 2013 10:35 AM Flag

    Good day to take some off the table? Buy back lower possibly?

    Hey Sharpie, Cowboy, Kazan, Sandy....suggestions? Ive lost so much on this stock, what are your views on selling the rallies?

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    • Hello Sami

      Just speculation here, but I have 2 smaller charts that show a 21.41 or a 21.46 small Wave 5 top. I also have a few charts that are on a larger scale that show the 21.79 or 21.82 or 21.88 to be a Wave 3 top. However, it is very hard to say right now where we are in the chart patterns. This feels like a big Wave 4 and so what Sharpie posted over the weekend feels and looks correct, if you will.

      What I am saying is that if you feel the need to sell, I (via my charts) think that you will be able to at least get to the 21.41 price level.

      That 21.41 price level is a shorter term higher high from the 21.32 level of last week, so that makes one think that there eventually would be more upside after an ABC correction from the 21.41 / 21.46 price. Hope this helps in some small way.

      PS Don't forget The Fed announces on Wednesday at 1:00 PM Central Time

    • Nice spike here, I am thinking of selling a few Dec 21 $21 call options for a little fiat to pay the rent. There are enough people seeing through the BS we pass off as responsible government that the dollar is going to start a steady decline and PM's and PM stocks are going to do well. Cowboy, Kaz and Sharpie are the timers, I can sense it will be soon for a significant bounce. That is why I am holding, even increasing my core position. There is a problem measuring our success investing in dollars as the dollar is like an elastic yardstick. PM's may soon become the new measuring tool, who knows?

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