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  • moses_on_wall_street moses_on_wall_street Dec 18, 2013 10:06 PM Flag

    Interim low for silver spot??

    I was wonder what you chart guys are thinking about where silver might go before the weekend.

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    • Charts are useless when the Fed has the power to move markets any direction they wish. For example, it looked as if a double bottom had formed in PMs a couple days ago. Obviously that can now be discounted as a bottom. About the best clue on where things are headed is to look at the economy. When the elitists arrive at the conclusion that they are cornered they will manipulate market direction any way that benefits them. The public interest be damned.

      So what does this mean? The US Government is $17 trillion in deficit. There are so many dim bulbs as elected officials whose only talent is to horns waggle potential voters into voting for them, with the backing of the Fed's and mega-corporation's blessing, that they will keep spending till the cows come home. There is absolutely no way out of the debts they have created.

      Just remember that if you want to buy at true lows you have to remember the agenda of the financial elite, politicians and the mega-corporations, which is to steal money from everyone else to cover their bad financial decisions.

      As an example of the corner they've put themselves in, the Germans, French and others as yet to be disclosed, have requested that the PMs they have place in US vaults for safekeeping be returned. You know the story there. So if PM prices are driven low enough and the fearful small PM investors in enough numbers sell a certain percentage of those requests can be fulfilled, but by no means completely. We are facing bail-ins and all manner of plunder, which is what the current market direction is really about. This means lower PM prices that the smart money, like John Paulson & Co will begin to start buying into. Only significant money flowing into the PM market will change the current direction.

      Yahoo message boards are NOT the place to ask for advice. John Paulson and others like him do not create screen names to post here. Credible news leaks of significant PM sector acquisitions are a better indicator of bottoms.

    • Any chance we'll see $19 on the spot today?

    • A wave 19.28 to 20.28, B wave 20.28 to 19.44., if indeed 19.45 holds , Wave C = Wave A at 20.42, Wave A took a little over 2 days, if Wave C = Wave A in time, Friday is a possibility, otherwise Monday. All that said, we need to see if 19.45 holds over night.

    • Sorry. I hurt my hand and typing is tough.

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