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  • we_are_borg we_are_borg Dec 20, 2013 2:05 PM Flag

    The Borg Report

    Catch Peter Schiff's comments re. Bernanke & zero interest rates, Yahoo Finance page. Fed did NOT "taper", just a trick which the markets bought into. Tapering by $10B? Oh puh-leeeeez, pocket change! That would barely be enough to fund Obama's golfing vacations for the remainder of his term. The Borg are amused.

    Smart money slowly moving out of equities most of December. Watch accumulation / distribution & money-flow indicators on the SPY. SPY was getting weak & wobbly until Benny & The Jets did yet another song & dance. There was a nice up-day volume-wise on Wed. but no follow-through on Thurs. -- what does THAT tell you.

    If economy is doing so well, why keep interest rates at zero? The Borg are not fooled by today's "good" GDP number report, look behind the curtain: today's robust trading volume has more to do with options expry than stupid report. It's up due to one-time inventory build-ups, not sustainable. If it had any REAL strength, the Fed would have to raise interest rates, which Benny said was not going to happen. No reason to believe Yellin will be any different.

    Dems trying to pump air into leaky tire to keep markets up through election day next year. It's gonna fail before then, resistance in futile. Europe in total denial over their money problems, media keeping quiet. They don't care about our election. Any problems with Euro currency and Euro-banking cartel guaranteed to cause pop in gold.

    The Borg are watching Europe and U.S. govt. bond rates.

    The Borg are receiving 7% annual return on our SLW shares due to judicious covered-call writing plus dividends. We do not care about price, up down, makes no difference to us. We know key historic lows of PM's are not sustainable.


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