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  • hapiwondrer hapiwondrer Jan 3, 2014 8:56 PM Flag

    Is JP Morgan engaged in another virtual PM mining operation?

    The question is posed to avoid even more retail PM investors from being taken to the cleaners for perhaps the last time. On the other hand is this the start of a long awaited upward trend.

    Perhaps the answer is in the following.

    See: “2013 – The Year of JPMorgan” by Ted Butler (Just put the title in your browser. Link not supplied to avoid the Mayer censorship algorithm.)

    Butler writes, “…The next standout feature to this year’s historic $450 (28%) decline in the price of gold and the $10.50 (35%) decline in silver is in the specific manner of the decline. The vast majority of the total price decline in gold and silver occurred within several days; two days in April (when gold fell $200 and silver by $5) and a few days in June (when gold fell another $150 and silver another $3). The price record clearly shows that the major damage of the worst year in gold and silver history transpired over a handful of days, something never witnessed before in gold, but occurring before in silver (twice in 2011). It wasn’t just that gold and silver declined dramatically in 2013, but the nature of the decline. …”

    What small investors should be asking themselves is; is this the last hurrah to pry more from the hands of PM retail investors”? Is this just another JPM PM head fake? As Butler put it, “…The only question is how the heck did these crooks pull it off? Specifically, how was JPMorgan able to buy so much COMEX gold and silver as prices plunged? Normally, one would think the net purchase of 150,000 COMEX gold contracts (15 million oz) and 23,000 COMEX silver contracts (115 million oz) by the US’s largest bank would cause prices to soar. That would usually be the case, except for one other fact – JPMorgan and other collusive traders have come to control the price mechanism on the COMEX, thru high frequency trading (HFT), spoofing and other illegal computer trading means. …”

    Is another plunge on the way after this run-up? Just Wondrering.

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    • There is one way = If a bankster created both the options and the fiat to buy or sell they could do whatever they wanted to do with PM prices .

    • To put the above number in perspective for silver weighing 115,000,000 ounces, it would require 109 tractor trailers with a net load capacity of 33,000 lbs, if this amount of silver was to be moved to another location at a max allowable highway speed of 50 mph in a tandem configuration. Of course that would require a battle tank in the front and back of the convoy and a number of armed conflict ready private security guards in the procession with a secret and unspecified transport mode for ocean crossing destinations in fulfillment of Germany’s and other countries’ repatriation requests.

      If anyone has more efficient transport numbers to move the aforementioned loads, please do provide your numbers. JPM will be eternally grateful, as will be their recipients.

      Of course if you can figure a way that JPM can, as the Brits have done, pay in electronic fiat money the task will be MUCH easier and in line with JPM’s business model in cahoots with Rothschild interests, the Fed, most politicians, mega-corporations, mass media, mainstream economists and government regulators.

      Don’t anyone let Wiki-Leaks get wind of the final plan as reporters will be lining routes to the destination. We wouldn’t want the populace to get it through their noggins what real money consists of as their brain-washed acceptance of fiat money has become enormously successful.

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