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  • hapiwondrer hapiwondrer Jan 8, 2014 9:26 PM Flag

    None Dare Call Banksters TREASONOUS

    It should now be clear that criminality in the central banks, and their political, mass media and corporate allies is nearly complete. Simply look at the charts for PMs. The manipulation is so obvious that those looking at them, unless their body is at room temperature, can easily spot it. That is why charts, cycles, Fibonacci prognostications, etc. are virtually worthless. Instead what needs to be considered is the following.

    Let’s say you the reader of this message are of a grand criminal mindset and a policy maker within the central banking network. You and your compatriots have brought the PM markets slowly downwards and currently have it in a holding pattern, watching carefully the volume in the retail PM sector. Your objective is the protection of fiat money while also operating in virtual PM mining mode (creating PM price downdrafts to shake loose more PMs and dissuading entry from the hands of as many small investors as possible into your own and those allied with you). You hold all the controls to price direction using things like HFT (computerized High Frequency Trading). What will be your next move?

    Since this threatens the very existence of the country, and other representative democracies around the globe, the outcome should rightly be called treason, and those engaging in it are traitors by any lawful standard. We do have laws to deal with our enemies, despite the pin striped suits and central bankers bloviating to deceive, but recent history makes clear they will not be used by those we’ve elected to represent us nor the mass media devoid of honest journalists. It will take widespread understanding amidst populations that their very lives are dependent on honest exchange mediums uncorrupted by bankster criminality.

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    • just watched the movie " the wall street conspiracy (2012)" on hulu free tv
      reinforces your every post Hapi.
      a documentary of dark pools naked short selling and political collusion

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      • Sonya,

        The reason “Hapiwondrer” posts are reflected at other sources is that we try not to express opinions without first finding from others who appear to be “experts” what their opinions are. Unfortunately, because of Yahoo’s constraints on providing links the source for opinions given here provides an extra level of difficulty to those who won’t use their browsers when titles are provided to information sources.

        Consequently the effort to dispel ignorance is quite a difficult road to follow. It does seem that Yahoo’s “white listings” are to keep ignorance intact, rather than to dispel it. That would seem to follow if you observe Yahoo’s top management political leanings, which are liberal and left leaning per sources stating where their large political contributions go. This seems to be a contemporary theme throughout all American corporations, and explains the diminishing numbers of those considered “middle class” as they have been the source of funding for the “too big to fail” as their losses are socialized.

        Of course this is definitely an on topic opinion because PMs remain the only saving grace for elitist plunder.

    • The price action in PMs today seems to be indicating that there are forces driving down the price in Asia, in China in particular. Just look at today’s Kitco chart. Could it be that this is payola to appease the Chinese because they own so much of this country’s debt and are 'losing their shirts" as a consequence? This has been happening for some time, not just today.

      It is no secret that Rothschild interests have established a presence in Asia and since this country’s founding have opposed the freedom we were granted by our Founders expanded over time to include all of us. Of course this opposition was to establish bankster hegemony here in which the downward spiral of living standards has pointed to their success in so doing. As previously stated there are few of our political representatives that are mounting a credible effort to reverse this.

      Getting out of the conspiracy mode, unless India is a willing ally with the banksters, it could be that India’s recent taxation and restrictions on PM purchases are a factor. Black market operations in the PM sector have ballooned as a result there.

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