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  • hapiwondrer hapiwondrer Jan 20, 2014 11:33 PM Flag

    PM website editorialists no longer provide a list of their past predictions

    Their lousy track record requires them to seek cover so those wishing to see how accurate they have been no longer can. They are too incompetent to be broadcasting their opinions or have conflicts of interest with major banks. The websites where these “editorialists” post have even gone so far as to remove links to articles that display utter failures on past predictions. They have said things like, “Gold is on the launch pad to rocket upwards.”, about 3 years ago. One in particular has stated that “Seasonal factors are an ironclad sure way to make profits each year”, throwing out seemingly convincing charts. These people are not to be trusted. Do your own due diligence. You are better at picking bottoms than they are if you spend the required time.

    The objective is to get as many of us that are not part of the banking cabal to spend their funds at price points that will not turn out to be a disappointment. That will ultimately destroy crooked manipulators in banks and on Wall Street much more quickly, which it seems these editorialists may indeed represent. It seems that those plying their trade of arguing for pre-mature buy-ins are attempting to empty the pockets of small investors so they cannot participate at bottoms. This is not the only venue they are using, as they appear on PM message boards as well postulating that PM markets have bottomed, and to buy now before it’s too late.

    PM markets are relatively small. Charts can be “painted” so that things like double bottoms will fail and prices will break to the downside. Throwing fiat money, or its derivatives, at PM markets does wonders for the chart painting schemers. Determining whether bottoms are real requires an overall assessment of as many factors as possible that verify. A look at the bottoms in late 2008 and the news backdrop to early 2009 can provide some idea of what bottoms look like in a secular bull market.

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