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  • chemaes44 chemaes44 Feb 10, 2014 10:51 AM Flag

    Significant battle between bulls and bears in silver

    On one charting feed I have, 5 of the last 6 candles were doji's- A candle that open's moves up and /or down but finishes right where it opened. This indicates major indecision and a battle when gold just popped another $3 upward. Pit traders are looking for gold up around $1315. I have $1318.

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    • I cannot help but wonder at what price gold/silver the back of the fiat system breaks. Any ideas?

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      • They have to quit taking the dollar overseas before it dies, Will kill trade worldwide unless something else is ready to fill its place, talking big time world wide depression. And even inflated like it is, it is less inflated than most of the rest of the paper. IMF special drawing rights may be used for trade and a new dollar for use only in the USA, you can bet they are working overtime to figure out a way to keep printing and to not back the paper with gold. Might take several more failures before we go on a gold standard, and take years to get it done, and laws against paying in gold or silver, sell it first and pay huge taxes on the transfer and pay the debt in the new dollar. They will try to force gold and silver payment into the black market where they can take it if people are caught using them. Nothing this big can happen fast, I guess obie can do an executive order like FDR pay 1000 $ per ounce and issue money back with gold at 5000 $ per oz. Get the gold off the streets and steal 80% of its value in the process. Whatever, hang onto your hat!

      • Whatever the banksters choose. I like the news that they are accumulating physical gold and silver if its true though.

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