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  • hapiwondrer hapiwondrer Feb 11, 2014 7:14 PM Flag

    Have mercy on the shorts, who are losing their shirts.

    Those who come on this message board to bash longs have got to be experiencing extreme pain as PMs have made extraordinary gains recently. You know who they are, one in particular. Look for them to soon disappear as their new avocation will be panhandling on street corners to avoid starvation. Perhaps they should give out a PO Box to give to this message board to request charitable donations in order to relieve them from their current losses. The income from such a request should only set back the donors a small percentage of their current gains.

    The losses these shorts are experiencing are shortly going to make them disappear from this message board. When that happens you will know where to find them; on freeway off-ramps, in front of markets carrying homeless signs, overflowing the capacities of charity shelters, raising the statistics of the banks for increased mortgage defaults, and many other typical locations not to mention adding to burgeoning Federal deficits.

    For those who wonder why silver hasn’t moved up recently; it is because this is a bankster driven updraft. The mega central banks rarely get involved in the silver market due to storage costs. Wait to see how willing they are to keep driving the price of gold upwards, wait for a pullback, and then dive into the silver sector for the next leg up.

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