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  • we_are_borg we_are_borg Mar 23, 2014 1:23 AM Flag

    U.S. Companies Making Big $$ in Russia

    Major U.S. corporation making billions in Russian markets, don't expect any major sanctions that might be bad for business. Also, Putin has nasty habit of jailing ANYONE he doesn't like. Obama & Kerry are jokes to them. This is why U.S. markets aren't in a panic & ignoring massive troop build-ups along Ukraine border. The big-money crowd could care less. The Brits are tighter with the Ruskies than we are, don't expect them to make any sacrifices by imposing their own sanctions if we're not willing to.

    I wonder how many of these companies could take a hit to their bottom lines if they suddenly lost all that business? What ever happened to "socially responsible" investing? Ain't gonna happen, of course. Corporate profits trump personal freedom. Remember when many of these same companies patted themselves on the back after bailing out of South Africa during the late racial unpleasantness?

    Ironically, Obama is ignoring the one thing that could hurt state-controlled (i.e., Putin controlled) natural gas suppliers: building LNG processing / storage terminals in Europe so we can export our abundant supply of NG to them. Right now, they're largely dependent on Russian NG via Gazprom -- a pipeline Putin loves to turn off during the winter months. It would take 4-5 years to get all the infrastructure in place but would definitely take away one of Putin's major economic weapons in the future.

    Just a small sample of major U.S. companies doing billions of dollars of business in Russia:

    Yum Brands
    Taco Bell

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    • On your list you forgot the biggest one of all, JP Morgan.

      Were you to peer into their operations you’d see that they are probably financially backing the takeover of Crimea, as that is their history going back to the Bolshevik revolution. And they’ll probably also fund the Ukrainian resistance. The big banks ALWAYS play the people for suckers when it comes to promoting American “patriotism” for their profitable funding of both sides in military conflicts. The people in the big banks are evil. Don’t discount that the “suicides” at banks like JP Morgan were hitmen assisted to silence potential whistleblowers in their PM market manipulation schemes. Fiat money is the energy to promote wars that otherwise could not be fought.

      The big western banks are the operation centers for international conflicts that they profit from. Even military brass, who acknowledge that war is a racket, fail to understand that the central (and private) banks enable militarism. The “chicken hawks” acquiesce to supply the man/woman power in their positions as broadcasters to spew the necessary propaganda for the young sheeple to shed their blood in furtherance of their profit driven objectives.

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