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  • truetobeblue567 truetobeblue567 Mar 24, 2014 3:03 PM Flag

    A simple warning to those holding

    SLW and Silver.Silver has not had the same move as gold since January. Silver leads gold on moves up and down.People holding SLW or Silver are about to head much lower.Possibly break the lows from JUne of last year. Silver is looking to head to 15-16 in the comming weeks! Thats where you will want to buy physical not paper.....

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    • You are correct on gold vs. silver. Many buy on emotions, rather than a realistic assessment of what the charts are indicating. The AU/AG ratio continues to show an uptrend, meaning gold is dropping more slowly as the AU/AG ratio rises. In other words, when gold drops silver takes the express elevator down.

      This is not to dissuade anyone that holds strong beliefs that ultimately PMs WILL prevail. The more small investors successfully see their holdings in PMs increase in value and the higher the percentage gains, the better the likelihood that we can sink the banksters engaged in fraud and manipulation to steal from all but those in their inner circle.

      There is NO historical example of fiat money having lasted more than an average of 27 years throughout the history of those studies. The fact that the fiat dollar has lasted much longer than average probably has to do with the continued advancement of MILITARY TECHNOLOGY, which threatens all who might credibly oppose the “money trust”. Fiat money is a criminal enterprise undertaken by private banks under the auspices of governments to steal the wealth of others. Because of the widespread societal damage this does, which many times is mortal in its outcomes to those victimized by it, only the ultimate penalty should be given to those whose objectives are the continuation of fiat counterfeit Monopoly “money”, starting at the very top and working down. This country’s Founders understood this when they drafted the Coinage Act of 1792. As far as the individuals involved, do your own research. Much has already been said by many others as to who these people are. They have passed the baton down through the generations of their offspring and inner circles since before this country’s founding. This should indicate to those who understand this that winning against this den of thieves, considering the control they wield, is extremely difficult and should be taken into account in PM investment decisions.

    • If the US dollar could go back to 82 then maybe you could be right. I see us dollar heading to 72 before 82 again. That would put slw at 42

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