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  • wilvin58 wilvin58 Apr 2, 2014 9:36 AM Flag

    Gold Miner that Looks Ready to Gain 340%-380% in April!

    There is one producing gold miner that's already profitable and growing rapidly, but is currently only $0.10 and looks ready to gain 340%-380% in April! The company is Anaconda Mining (TSX: ANX) and it has a market cap of only $18 million. ANX has grown revenues from $7.325 million in its fiscal year ending May 31, 2011, to current trailing 12 mo revenues of $22.95 million - for HUGE growth of 213%! In fact, ANX has swung from a fiscal 2011 net loss of ($11.417 million) to a current record net profit of $9.043 million with EPS of $0.05 and a P/E ratio of only 2!

    ANX had $7.81 million in debt at the end of fiscal 2011, but has since repaid 97% of its debt while increasing its cash position by 427%. This means ANX has swung in 2 1/2 years from having net debt of $7.377 million to now having net cash of $2.064 million - for an insanely HUGE improvement of $9.441 million!

    ANX's enterprise value (EV) here at $0.10 is only $15.94 million! At the end of fiscal 2011, it was trading for $0.11 with an EV of $27.18 million or 3.71X trailing revenues! To once again reach an EV/revenue ratio of 3.71, ANX needs to rise 380% to $0.48!

    ANX's tangible book value at the end of fiscal 2011 was only $0.035, but has since exploded by 297% to $0.139! ANX at its share price of $0.11 in 2011 was trading for 3.14X its tangible book value! To once again reach a price/tangible book ratio of 3.14, ANX needs to rise 340% to $0.44!

    In just the first two trading days of this week, ANX has already traded total volume of 4.8 million shares or 12X its average 2-day volume of 400,000 shares! ANX hit a new 52-week high of $0.115 on both Monday and Tuesday, before finishing both days at $0.10. A short-term breakout into the $0.15-$0.20 range is likely to occur this week - followed by a rally to $0.44-$0.48 per share later this month!

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