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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics Apr 4, 2014 12:55 PM Flag

    ABX has sold PASCUA LAM in 2 locations of Chile, to SLW + ROYAL GOLD/HSBC + EXCHANGES all lies

    Perhaps some claim not to understand my English, hence here it is.

    SLW was robbed by insiders and regulators, together with ABX insiders to create a scam.

    SLW was to buy Silver that Barrick never owned to pump both stocks and fleece the public via PASCUA LAMA PONZI SCAM.

    Ownership of PASCUA via Lawyers contacted SLW insiders and they confabulated with Barrick against its shareholders and sold PASCUA PONZI to the public as an ALIBI OF TITLE to ABX at Pascua.

    If SLW bought...PASCUA SILVER contract with ABX was or is real. It was not. It is not. Never will be.

    Just an insiders paradise of FABRICATED TRANSACTION dumping at the top in an illegal cesspool of fraud.

    How many Silver ounces delivered by ABX to SLW to keep your stock rising as promised?

    NONE!!! as fore told and forewarned by Pascua owner, via his Lawyers in Canada, 2009 SLW insiders!!

    Pascua has tainted SLW books to a point of NO RETURN

    Hence, insiders are cited to Chilean Justice system 2014.

    Like it or not, SLW is selling PASCUA CIVIL RICO, daily at world exchanges to the public.

    If you fail to understand, then it is suggested you are a BARRICK or SLW insider playing fool to steal more cash from innocent unsuspecting Joe public.

    So much for honesty at financial boards, manipulated by financial district thugs.

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