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  • kazansky_98 kazansky_98 Apr 11, 2014 2:34 PM Flag

    All the premium has come out

    SLW is trading at fair value here with $20 silver. People usually buy at a premium and sell at a discount, thats how the most lose. I think we should see heavy selling soon to get to a discount and then the pros will step in and buy back up to a premium and then the retail crowd will return and pay a premium and the pros can dump into them like they did at 27. May 8 earnings will be the worst of the lot as their avg. sell through price will be the lowest. The wall street machine will start to make light of this to get the last to dump so they can load up. 20.50 is probably a good target for the next few weeks into earnings. 20.50 would put the stream back at a big discount and should get the last to throw in the towel. Keep some dry powder if you can't short silver as a hedge to pick up SLW down there. A sunday night slam should get this thing rolling down hard into a 5% down day to get the move underway. I don't think there will be enough dry powder to run this up the flag pole one last time with us sitting near all the stop loss orders. If you can't hedge, I would stay stay flat or small short. The big move will be higher but not until we get the discount, which we are quickly approaching. GLTA

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    • Wishful thinking, no doubt. SLW is headed under $15.00, as many mines won't be able to pay back loans, sort of like the housing bubble where section 8 borrowers bought $500,000 homes on liar loans. Another $200.00 drop in gold and $3.00 drop in Ag and SLW will be toast.

      marco the great :-) At $15, there may be a dead cat bounce, but, with near zero interest rates for many years to come, SLW is dead money.

    • Out of the bear flag which was weighing technically on the stock. I thought it would come Monday but we got it today. We could reverse at anytime now and silver will determine when. We are trading cheap here and can get cheaper, but anytime we trade cheap to silver it is worth picking up some to start building a position. I lie that silver is under 20 as well. Sometimes it trades cheap to silver and silver is $30 or something. That makes it much harder to buy if you can't short the silver out. Down here it is much easier to buy unhedged as silver probably has a lot less to fall. GLTA and not a bad time to pick up a little and hope you can get more next week. Sunday night will be fun .

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