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  • contrarian2001 contrarian2001 May 13, 2014 7:47 PM Flag

    Did you know ...

    That those detractors here are lib loons with no other intent than to gain followers for their conspiracy
    They want us to believe that Lyndon Johnson hired aliens to kill Kennedy so he could take over. These loons can't stomach a Democrat with such a gift for common sense as displayed by Kennedy. How else do you
    justify a lib killing a lib? They need to somehow convince the masses that Kennedy had to go so that Johnson could implement the "Great Society".

    Obviously, when Nixon took office and killed all those aliens ... he had to go. (What a weird man he was.)

    That's a bit of a stretch, especially the alien thing, but I guess it works for loons.

    Next was that Carter episode. We now know what it's like to have our country run by a grade school child named Amy. Loons would have you believe those aliens came back at the request of Reagan to disrupt the rescue attempt in Iran so Ronny could win against Jimmy.
    They also say no way could we have crushed the Cubans in Grenada without alien help. I think those fired air traffic controllers might offer a little insight as to what it's like to challenge Reagan

    Then came GB and the first Iran invasion. Libs want you to believe Bush stooped short from taking Saddam out that time because they convinced the aliens to switch allegiance and convince Bush Sr, that Saddam was a boy scout. You know the rest.

    Than came Billy Bob. The Lewinsky thing was caused by a rouge agent in the alien ranks who conspired with the Republicans to embarrass Billy Bob. Just ask your local loon for details.

    Loons tell us that when "W" took over, things were great and George muffed everything left for him. The aliens joined George and wanted total war across the entire globe. George conspired with these aliens to divide nations and implement this alien orchestrated Armageddon. Loons also tell us George was too stupid to follow instructions given by these aliens ... and all we got was Saddam.

    Now comes Obama. The aliens left.

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