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  • jeremyshapiro jeremyshapiro May 28, 2014 10:33 AM Flag

    Why has SLW dropped so much more than silver and gold recently?

    Does anyone understand this?

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    • investors do not under stand how this company works; this not a mier stock nobig property, no machines and I think beinrun out of the caymen is. no tax no unions. just contracts of pre bought silver as a by product from lead mines etc. and resale atspot price for profitwake up this is a major silver broker of the world for those who need silver very simple and brilliant . I remember a 20 year contract with a sweedish lead mine buying their left over silver under $5 peroz. the lead miner then takes the cash and invests in their lead mine.slwstock piles thesilver in nova scotia. yes. I know this stock pretty well. yes the price of silver does matter. but I see the supple and demand is more important often their is more demand. in a good ecomomy. ps. to goo dig for silver is not worth it with the cost operations. just my opinion. garpguy

    • On looking at the charts, I'm seeing SLW holding their own when compared to silver.

    • There's no fear in the equity markets, no immediate concern over inflation. No one is buying PMs right now, there are better places to park your money for the short term. If you look a weekly prices & volume on a 2-3 yr. chart, you'll see these periods of slow sustained distribution on relatively modest volumes.

      It's not a question of why people are selling SLW -- more like SLW is not attracting enough buyers to hold up the price. Bargain hunters will start nibbling below $20 along with some short-covering. This is NOT the time to be shorting here, nor would I be buying just yet -- wait for a nice up-day & note the volume. Wait & see whether or not there's any power behind the move.

      It's no big surprise that SLV is exhibiting pretty much the same pattern as SLW. Never the less, this stock can whipsaw on you in a blink if you're not nimble. This is a long-term play not a day-trading vehicle, gotta be patient & time your buys with care.

      As always, JMHO.

    • Compare to SLV, SLW is holding up well compared to silver

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      • Yes, SLW is just playing catchup to silver. Breaking the triangle yesterday, I thought we would drop $1.50 today down to 19, we may still do that. SLW is back to fair value here, so the rate of collapse going forward should slow and just match silver's decline. Gold should drop another $100 here, so we will see if it is just catching up to silver or if the drops creates another leg down in Silver towards the 15-16 area. If that occurs, SLW will break the 17.75 low and head back towards 15. All you have to watch is Silver here. Silver hasn't moved in a while, but SLW was so overpriced at 27 and even 23 that without silver getting back over 20 it finally collapsed back to fair value to wait on the next move.

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