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  • hapiwondrers hapiwondrers Jun 8, 2014 11:26 PM Flag

    Holding the prognosticators’ feet to the fire

    Many visiting PM sector message boards have been mislead into buying on up trends by newsletter writers that are merely short term rallies on a longer term downtrend. In order to offset this, the following is suggested to those using Firefox. Firefox has an Add-on called PROSTETNIC HIGHLIGHTER. With this tool you can highlight the claims of newsletter writers, or any other text based electronic media source, for a soon to be experienced up trend in the PM sector. Up trend claims are preferred because they have been saying this for at least the last 3 years, and have been wrong.

    Highlighted quotes from a web page can later be recalled by accessing a link to the editorial. There is no limit to the number of highlights you can make; except only by the time you have available to save them. Quotes are stored on your computer as a linked highlight. These quotes can be published on a forum Topic showing, in most cases how wrong they have been, or quotes can show how correct the views of the editorialist(s) have been. This would also be a way to identify members of this message board who have their fingers on an accurate pulse of market direction, or are consistently wrong.

    All highlights are provided on the tool bar which accesses a list of highlighted text within web pages along with the link, so you needn’t go searching within an editorial for the quote. What this might disclose is whether some editorialists are purposely trying to mislead for the benefit of the banksters, elitists and the political class. Or it might just be that the writer has no more clue than anyone else which direction PM prices are headed, if they are being honest. You might identify, and be able to inform others using this tool of an exceptional source for accurate market direction with definitive proof. It all comes down to us against the elitists. Maybe we can return to real money if enough of us are successful in telling others of outcomes that actually happen.

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    • Frankly, charts, EW, Fibonacci, cycles and all these other attempts to divine the future may only have a small statistical advantage, or may even create losses if they are seriously depended upon. What seems more important is long term considerations based on the historical failure of fiat currencies. That is a difficult reality to face based on human life spans. Of course that is what the banksters use as their methodology to steal from everybody. The slow creeping erosion of fiat money keeps the sheeple from being aware that they are being fleeced. The problem now for American banksters is that they have depended on their scam for so long and angered enough countries that they are forming their own alliances to engage in trade that doesn’t include using the American dollar.

      As far as Prostetnic is concerned, it turned out to not be the application hoped for. We’ll just have to find another. After 1 week of highlighting various online commentaries it stopped working. Even the highlighted parts of saved quotes linked to the editorials disappeared. All the menu shortcut buttons for highlighting on the toolbar menu disappeared as well. Deletion and re-installation failed, too.

      The problem with Firefox is, it seems, that no one there checks the stability of Add-Ons. The vetting process is apparently very loose.

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      • The problem is to beat inflation and taxes by a wide enough margin to be able to invest in the metals and real property. Real property has the problem of being taxed back to the state in less than one generation, so it has to earn enough to pay taxes and taxes on that income. Farmland and lease houses seem to be the best to fit that bill. Compounding is the true answer , the faster the better, thus TA and options with some part of the account. The Wal Mart model is to buy something for a dollar and sell it the same day for 1.15 after overhead. This is a daily compounding model that is only exceeded by the high frequency trading of the computers. Early morning talk to myself . . . Dave take those 15 ,20 , or 30 percent profits every time they show up and move on. Setups are like a bus, they keep showing up, one can depend on it! Thinking more and more about a Buddy names Dino who just takes what the market offers, mostly on 62 or 78.6 retraces rides it to a 15% + profit , a stop loss of 5% or end of day and takes what the market offers that day and sleeps on cash every night. Many days he gets in more than one trade and it is rare that there are days that he has zero trades . . . . . .. . Day trading is the fastest compounding , if one can get it right and I think that is about not being greedy on one trade. Depending on others commentaries to be right on both direction and timing don't work out very often , partly because of the space and time it takes to lay out a problem, partly because the reader reads more than one opinion and still has to decide which one is valid. One can find newsletter ratings by subscribing to services that track them if that is what is needed.

    • So far, uptrend for almost for a year, since 17.75. First run was 63%. What defines for you a "Uptrend" ??

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