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  • iamhesh iamhesh Aug 14, 2014 1:52 AM Flag

    SLW--I'll buy more as I know where the entire miner group is headed

    I could be wrong but I think the stuff hits the fan big picture and metals go on a tear. not too many thinking that silver goes to 50 again and at that price figure out the cash flow of SLW and then resulting stock price.

    I have not read nor posted too much on Yahoo over the past several years and the tone of the posts here tonite reminds me of why.

    Now look at CSCO tonight, or Deere, or KING or CAT or MCD or WMT or TGT or macys or IBM or AMZN and others. Sales are stinking up retail and without retail sales and good jobs this economy heads not a tailspin--good for metals.

    AMZN is different--its buying market share and losing big dollars doing so--only surprise there is why over 2200 fund managers keep their positions.

    we have no recovery, the country is broke, the banking system with its derivatives is in trouble and if that gets delayed further then house prices will drop causing more underwater mortgage problems. Or subprime auto loans will only help auto auctioneers.

    watch dollar #$%$ out

    Watch metals rise and see miners quadruple like in 2008-2011.

    Lets not forget international chaos-or that Shanghai exchange is going to break the comex (people here do know what comex is, right , and teh frailities of comex? and Shanghai exch is running low on silver, or do people buy stock without knowing the fundamentals and technicals of stocks (see hui breaking out above 250 level if not this week then soon).

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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