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  • jpegwmv jpegwmv Dec 12, 2012 8:59 AM Flag

    Concern Congress May Tax Trusts Like Corporations

    That is Canada - not the U.S. I'm not concerned. The US congress is incapable of anything - period. The probability of them doing ANYTHING is about 1 in 100,000. Far more likely to vote themselves a payraise first. Any by the way, about half of them are millionaires so they probably own trusts like MVO, yet another reason they won't do it...

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    • Canada is one phucked up country....ehhhh. Depends on the U.S. for almost everything.
      The warmest city in Canada is cold and wet Vancouver. The Canadian dollar is the 'loony'
      and takes any foreign garabage people into the country: chinese, east indians, #$%$'s, russian crooks, seiks, greeks and other weirdos. Murders get 15 years in Canukda....lmfao...!!!!

      Sentiment: Sell

    • I hear you and somewhat agree with you. But, if the conservative politicians in Canada took away the tax exempt status of CanRoys, the U.S. politician could do the same thing. Congress is looking under every rock for tax money to keep spending for political votes from the military, educators, welfare folks, big corporations ++++

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      • You apparently don't understand why the Canadian government took the action it did.
        In Canada just about any type of company could become a trust. Some of the biggest Canadian companies were considering doing so and the goverment was facing the prospect of most of their corporate tax base converting to the trust format. The Canadian trusts were operating companies, more comparable to our MLPs than US trusts, but not limited to natural resources. It's not at all comparable to the US royalty trusts which are a tiny niche of natural resource producers. If they wanted to go after anything like that, REITs would be a better target as royalty trusts are such a tiny niche as to be insignificant.

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