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  • fabulouspoodle fabulouspoodle May 7, 2010 5:21 PM Flag


    ltf,...I've sold about 95% of my peak total shares in roiak. I was gonna sell it all, but lost my incentive when it broke under $4.70.

    Now that I'm done selling, they're probably will be a going private transaction at a 40% premium on Monday.

    BTW, I do own a few MNI, but sold most after earnings, which didnt impress me much. I know you mentioned you bought a few at the recent lows. I did pick up some LEE, but not MNI.

    I may have this all wrong, MNI's problem, a bit like SALM, is that they renegotiated some debt and face higher debt payments. Now, I'm not saying its rational to penalize MNI for 'doing the right thing' by pushing out its debt...but people do look at p/e's and eps #'s, and they simply wont be as 'in your face' spectacular as they would have.

    Anyway, I've also sold half my AHC, even though I like that one longer term, and put it in LEE for your trade. LEE may be able to put up some eyepopping numbers come earnings time.


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    • I agree with you on the MNI higher interest expense. But I thought $4.50 was cheap even just play those shares for a bounce back to $5.25-5.50, perhaps.

      LEE was certainly the best deal at $3.20 and below yesterday, and my LEE position is 50% larger, by $ value, from my MNI position.

      I sold more AHC in the low $8's, figuring it could easily retrace to $7, or even lower, temporarily, and I could get in there. Maybe not...but I'm not sure I understand how well AHC has held up. (It's hard for me to figure out the earnings release, and long run potential. I had originally thought it would eventually go to $12-15...but that's less than a double from here, and I'm pretty confident LEE will at LEAST double from this point.)

      I also sold ROIAK considerably, earlier yesterday. ROIAK made me a TON of $ in the last year or less, so it's hard to "say goodbye," but, like you, my current share position is only 2-3% of what I had at my peak. (On a $ value basis, it is about 10% of what I had at my peak.)

      My CMLS position, in terms of $ value, is 8x my ROIAK position now. That's probably somewhat larger of a ratio than it should be, but I thought there was a chance or ROIAK retracing more aggressively, from some of the people who were "paying up" as recently as yesterday, in the $5.25+ area, MIGHT get cold feet, and wheel about and sell. Unless it's a pending buyout. [lol]

      I'm not sure about "eye-popping" numbers from LEE. I just think it was oversold at $3.20 and below...and still is, somewhat, anyway, at today's close, even....especially if the market rally's ferociously over the next couple of weeks, as I tend to suspect will happen, as the market decides to "redigest" the unemployment report from today, and realize just how BULLISH it is.

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