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  • fabulouspoodle fabulouspoodle Jul 18, 2010 8:18 PM Flag

    What is the case for being long here ?

    hey smaycs,

    You say that you cant come up with a good reason of why you bought this stock other than some guy said so, "the same guy that led me to a total loss in JMIH and losses in other stocks."

    I'm curious, has this 'guy' ever led you to any huge gains in stocks?

    I mean, you seem like a very smart value investor. So instead of just following ltf willy nilly into every stock he buys, maybe you should limit those buys to ones you can write your buy reason in 25 words or less (as you state you like to do). Seems logical to me.


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    • He's "addicted" to bashing me as his whipping boy. It makes him feel better in market declines, which are hard for him (as well as all of us) to handle. In one sense, I suppose, I'm "flattered" to be used in this way. Even if it is, ultimately, "dirty."

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      • hey ltf,

        I realize all that. What makes it a head scratcher to me is that smcays is an excellent value invsestor in his own right. I mean I'm not sure exactly what he searches for (other than general tangible book stuff, and he likes insider buying within a year) in his screens, but he has a lot of solid selections.

        I guess the point is I'm surprised that a strong (and long time) investor like sm, needs to scapegoat you for stocks he purchases. Sure, he may be following you into them, but he's astute and experienced enuf to take full responsibilty for his purchases...whether they move up or down.


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