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  • smaycs2 smaycs2 Nov 19, 2010 2:27 PM Flag

    CFO sold 30,000 shares at $1.20


    11/16/2010 S 30,000 D$ 1.2 = 178,336 (1)

    I guess his $360k annual salary is not enough.

    1. The total represents all shares held by the reporting person across all classes of Radio One, Inc. stock, Classes A, B, C and D. The reporting person beneficially owns a total of: (1) 128,336 restricted shares of Class D common stock, and (2) options to purchase 50,000 shares of Class D common stock

    As a result, and because I didnt have a good reason for owning it in the first place, I sold my position at a small profit.

    If only that would bring back my losses in JMIH,HTCH, LEE & others.

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