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  • dece207 dece207 Jul 23, 2001 12:23 AM Flag

    What's with that Class Action suit

    Milberg and Weiss are at the forefront of scores of Class Action suits, it seems it is their bread and butter. I am not happy to see one directed at NEOF for obvious reasons. At .85 a share it could get ugly quick if there is any validity to it all. Anyone have an opinion or additional information? The market has yet to react to the PR as it was released late Friday eve. Could some of that large volume on Friday be attributed to those in the know getting out? Someone posted that it was 90% institutional buying but if that info is from Thompson I-Watch then it should be held to close scrutiny. Also, that much "buying" and no movement in price....a large float is surely to play a role but c'mon.

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