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  • TC_Waters TC_Waters Nov 19, 1999 1:21 PM Flag

    Big D Dog

    Why do you make stupid predictions on where it will close today? You obviously have a motive here--and you obviously have no class---with a name like that.

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    • info regarding to their business. you can get
      informative info on JNIC from too. i think the
      boards on yahoo has sunk to the lowest form (mainly due
      to immature, amateur investors like xyx100x). i
      doubt if i'll post here again. check out for more credible info since investors has to pay
      to post there.

    • You reiterated what I have also been trying to
      say in my recent "friendly debates" with fellow JNIC
      long Willywaxer.

      For some reason, it seems
      Willywaxer took my comments as meaning I think JNIC will not
      runup. That isn't true. I am very positive on the stock
      and think it will do well in the next six weeks. I
      even added to my position (albeit a small increase)
      when the stock dropped to $79.

      All I was
      trying to do is tone done some of the hype that I was
      beginning to see related to the ending of the QP. I didn't
      want all the weak hands to be expecting some great pop
      due to coverage initiation and then dump in panic IF
      it doesn't happen. I would love to see a strong buy
      or two, which would move JNIC up. But if we do only
      come in with buys, that alone may not move the stock
      this week absent some other news.

      I'm not even
      saying it won't move up on Monday. I just don't think
      that should be an irrational expectation. With the
      week being short due to the holiday, stocks could see
      big movements up or down if volume is

      JNIC's move up, in my humble opinion, will be due to
      earnings and positive news releases (new customers,
      partnerships, etc.).

      Willywaxer, I think we're both
      looking at the same end result, we just have differences
      on how we'll get there. In four weeks we'll all be
      at the same point...hopefully adding up how much
      money we've made in JNIC.

    • Hi,
      I found out that JNIC is catagorized in
      the Semiconductor Industry while BRCD is in the
      Computer Network Industry, and CRDS is in the Computer
      Peripherals Industry (@ yahoo profile). Do you know why? It
      seems that they offer similar products, but why they
      are not in the same industry? Shoudl this matter
      affect the JNIC performance? or these are just stupid
      questions - then I am sorry. Thanks

    • Hindsight.

    • how about that,
      i took a nasty loss on rdwr
      misery loves company lol, i hope this baby doesn't pull
      a rdwr, that would make me cry!!!
      hey by the
      way, cntr is in play again, huge news, major deal and
      ceo was mentioned in glowing admiration, i see you
      and i have recovered from rdwr, this month has been
      huge for me
      email at with any
      plays that you are about to undertake, to include the
      time when you are going to buy chtr.
      tell me my
      man, what is in store for jnic, do you see strong buy
      recommendations next week, i am afraid that just buys will drop
      us like a rock
      talk to me

    • Nice to hear from you.I got out JCDA at 31 the
      day after we talked andBought CNTR at 4 11/16 and
      sold at 9 and moved on.I've learned to take my profits
      and run so to speak.I've been kicking ass on
      everything I've touched for atleast the last 60 days,I can't
      even recall a loser I got in except RDWR. This stock
      here is about to make a run real soon.These are all
      the winners I've been playing
      lately,INTM,ASDS,NETA,RRRR.DTLK,RAMP,NPLS,BVSN,FFIV,INIT,FLSH, and my new one I'm fixing to put every bit of
      profit,and any stock I own which I sell into CHTR!I really
      think its going to be a 5-10 bagger in 6-12 months.Its
      a winner for sure but it moves slow but is starting
      to pick up momentum the last three days.Check it out
      and good luck! Guy

    • i see that you are an amateur! no need continue responding to your post.

    • yes i have jnic, been traveling around
      jacada, cntr, cada, viad,
      my only 2 plays at this
      moment are jnic and elon
      i think we will rock with
      jnic next week
      keep in touch

    • Hey bud did you buy into JNIC?Hey check out RRRR,INIT,INTM are all flying!JNIC is going up ,just sit tight!I got my limit price at 150 for monday since I work days.

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