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  • pmt999 pmt999 Nov 22, 1999 10:02 AM Flag

    itru up 10 off QP.....JNIC DOWN!!!!

    what a joke. either the criminals( mm ) are setting this up for a huge run or this thing just plain sucks!!! money to be made elsewhere...

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    • and confident. WFII just got a run of 10% and
      JNIC will also on the first company news. The future
      is fast (JNIC) and wireless (WFII). Stay with the
      winners and you will be rich soon. And if trading doesn't
      work for you; just invest and don't look for a while.
      Remeber: losers always whine about doing there best,
      winners go home and f*ck the promqueen!
      good luck!

    • Three buys are good enough comparing with current
      price of JNIC. (300%+ after IPO). No underwriter will
      give strong buy or top pick after such a run shortly
      after IPO. The underwriters will raise the target price
      eventually along with good news comes out from the company.

      Don't worry. Stay long as INVESTOR.

    • my feelings are that of buying crds again for the
      same reasons. i think the short term guys are gone
      there and i'd nibble in the same area. 68-70. i like
      exds, vign, and cmtn. all split candidates. wfii looks
      like its bottomed as well! what are you in currently?

    • Would it be childish of me to say "I told you so"
      regarding the impact of the QP ending?

      Read pmt999's
      post and you will see exactly what I was afraid of
      last week. I told you that I thought people were
      expecting some great surge in JNIC just because the QP was
      ending. And now that it is here and there was no move up
      (in fact we're down $3+), there are people like
      pmt999 saying things like "what a joke" or "this thing
      just plain sucks" (and he even wrote it in all caps
      for emphasis).

      As I tried to say several
      times, it was unlikely there would be strong buys
      issued. And just plain buys would be disappointing to
      people expecting more.

      It will take substantive
      NEWS to move the stock now...customer contracts,
      partnerships, etc. That, I said, is the benefit of the QP
      ending. If we get some this week, we'll do well. If not,
      we'll drift.

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