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  • runlong_1999 runlong_1999 Nov 22, 1999 10:30 AM Flag

    itru up 10 off QP.....JNIC DOWN!!!!

    Would it be childish of me to say "I told you so"
    regarding the impact of the QP ending?

    Read pmt999's
    post and you will see exactly what I was afraid of
    last week. I told you that I thought people were
    expecting some great surge in JNIC just because the QP was
    ending. And now that it is here and there was no move up
    (in fact we're down $3+), there are people like
    pmt999 saying things like "what a joke" or "this thing
    just plain sucks" (and he even wrote it in all caps
    for emphasis).

    As I tried to say several
    times, it was unlikely there would be strong buys
    issued. And just plain buys would be disappointing to
    people expecting more.

    It will take substantive
    NEWS to move the stock now...customer contracts,
    partnerships, etc. That, I said, is the benefit of the QP
    ending. If we get some this week, we'll do well. If not,
    we'll drift.

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    • I told everyone on the board this would go down Monday. I am the prophet not you. Go wackit dude.

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      • Yes I expected a pop...on a "STRONG buy"
        rating...but got two obligatory "buys" instead. I just bought
        250 more shares on the dip. Watch and learn this
        afternoon punks. Then once again tommorrow. Will hit that
        105-110 price target within two weeks and you'll see the
        anal-ysts scrambling for adjustments. Rock on!

      • any news coming. Wait until tomorrow,typically
        companies coming off QP announce that day or no later than
        the day after. If their PR department is "quiet" than
        lots of people will become disenchanted and go
        elsewhere. Do your own dd of other companies that have come
        off QP and their stock behavior. However, you may
        want to wait until tomorrow to confirm dircetion, I
        just moved my stops up close since this thing is
        currently flat. Good Luck.

    • i'm disappointed in this stock so far today but
      the day isn't up yet. i think the new game in town is
      to get all the anxious, nervous daytraders in for
      the supposed " qp run". when it doesn't happen they
      move on and 2 weeks later you get the run up on light
      volume until it hits everyones radar again. they pile
      back in, the mm make their huge gains from the shares
      they took from the anxious in the first place and then
      they dump, again... for the "it's going to 400"
      cheerleaders to hold.


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      • I agree with everything you said in your last

        In September and early October, the ending of QP's
        and earnings releases were indeed driving stocks
        higher going into the news and even after the news. I
        noticed, however, that when the earnings season began to
        wind down, that market psychology trend reversed.
        Expectations had been driven so high that just meeting or
        slightly exceeding earnings, or just getting "buy"
        recommendations after the QP was causing stocks to drop. Just
        look at Crossroads (CRDS), an IPO in a similar sector
        to JNIC. This thing has been sick since its QP

        I am hopeful, however, that unlike CRDS, JNIC will
        come out with some positive news that will move us
        higher. Then I think everything will materialize as you