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  • runlong_1999 runlong_1999 Nov 22, 1999 11:08 AM Flag

    itru up 10 off QP.....JNIC DOWN!!!!

    I agree with everything you said in your last

    In September and early October, the ending of QP's
    and earnings releases were indeed driving stocks
    higher going into the news and even after the news. I
    noticed, however, that when the earnings season began to
    wind down, that market psychology trend reversed.
    Expectations had been driven so high that just meeting or
    slightly exceeding earnings, or just getting "buy"
    recommendations after the QP was causing stocks to drop. Just
    look at Crossroads (CRDS), an IPO in a similar sector
    to JNIC. This thing has been sick since its QP

    I am hopeful, however, that unlike CRDS, JNIC will
    come out with some positive news that will move us
    higher. Then I think everything will materialize as you

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    • i owned crds at 66- twice. did what i should've
      done w/ this one: traded it. this is what happens when
      we fall in love w/ a stock and get away from
      trading. expectations are built and not met. i think we
      need to either commit to trading or commit to lt buy
      and hold. i've done really well daytrading this year
      and have gotten away from my own strategy w/ this one
      by holding. i think split plays are better on good
      co's like cmtn, exds, etc... better stategy/solid
      stock support/good news/ = profits.

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      • Since you mentioned having traded CRDS

        What are your thoughts on trading it now? They report
        earnings on Thurs 12/2. They issued a PR report last week
        announcing their conference call. I thought that might mean
        they have good news to report (the fact that they are
        bringing attention to their report).

        It has dropped
        quite a bit recently, including today. I was thinking
        about getting in if I can do so at $68 to $70 (which
        means it would still have to drop a bit more) and then
        hope for an earnings runup and/or positive report. Any