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  • oruehr1 oruehr1 Nov 22, 1999 12:09 PM Flag

    JNIC got "Strong Buy"

    JNIC got "Strong Buy"

    That got your
    attention, read my rationale...

    DLJ-- Ratings: Top
    Pick, Buy, Mkt Perform, Underperform

    hardly ever give out Top Pick, Nobody expected a Top
    Pick. JNIC actually got a Strong Buy if put into

    Bear Stearns-- Ratings: Buy, Attractive, Neutral,

    JNIC got highest possible rating from
    Bear Stearns. Translates to conventional traditional

    H&Q-- Strong Buy, Buy, Hold
    H & Q
    gave JNIC a Buy, that translates into a BUY. That's
    not good. H&Q is also trying to keep the stock down.
    I've been watching Level II and they are constantly on
    the bid. Initially they faked Big Time. They kept
    showing bids one level away from the market and when they
    got to be inside market they withdrew the bid. They
    price did "printg on 'Time & Sales screen' that's how
    you can tell. So, they made it look like there is a
    HUGE seller of JNIC without having to give up shares
    at these low levels. They must be SHORT big time.
    Leads me to believe they sold short like crazy, maybe
    even when stock started running from 40 to 80. If this
    true they'll try very hard to bring JNIC down to these
    levels in order to be able to cover.

    All the
    other "Buy" ratings are actually "Strong Buys" if taken
    in context of the underwriter's scales.

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    • about the 4000 brcd I bought. I am!! PLUS 30 POINTS!! Don't ever mock me and I expect an apology!!

    • DLJ has come under alot of criticism lately for
      not supporting it's IPO's. This should be a top pick,
      no doubt about it....what else are they going to
      give it too? Bear has indeed given strong buys on
      occasion, but typically reiterates buys a week or so later.
      H&Q are a bunch of idiots, but they can't transact
      for 180 days.

      • 2 Replies to willywaxer
      • JNIC's business is closely related to: EMLX, QLGC, INPH - adapters

        BRCD, ANCR, VIXL - switches

        ZOOX - hubs

        CRDS - SCSI/FC routers

        FNSR - components


      • I don't understand you. It's like you read, but
        you don't listen. Every post you make indicates you
        have missed my one and only simple point all

        There is nothing to be "learned this afternoon" as you
        put it. In case you haven't figured it out, you and I
        are in agreement on where JNIC will be in 2-4 weeks.
        I only stated, and I was proven correct today, that
        I did not think we would get strong buys or top
        picks when coverage was initiated. I said we would
        therefore not have some great pop at the end of the QP.
        That trend stopped at the end of October. That's all I
        said. Get it?

        With respect to your two week
        price target, I made a sub-point that if we get news in
        the next week, we will indeed move to your range. If
        we don't get news, we won't (in my opinion). Weak
        hands will sell off just like they did this

        Regarding this afternoon, I'm happy that you're positive
        (and hell, I hope you're right). While I can certainly
        see a recovery from today's lows and a move into
        positive territory, I'm not good enough to predict such
        moves on that short a horizon. Volume is going to be
        too low. One big buy or sell order exaggerates the

        P.S. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt that you
        just recently watched a Clint Eastwood movie and
        wanted to imitate Dirty Harry by calling someone else
        "punk." But next time, leave off the childishness. It
        doesn't make you look good, particularly just coming off
        being wrong on what you have been vehemently arguing
        with me over lately.

    • First worthwhile post I've seen on here for a
      while--thanks. I just made your same point to some people a few
      minutes ago.

      Patience and perspective are
      well-rewarded virtues on a stock like JNIC.

      Long and