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  • microcapanalyst microcapanalyst Jan 16, 2013 3:13 PM Flag

    This deal is far from done...

    Read the 14D-9 a little more closely, my friend:

    Parent and Purchaser will provide dissenters’ rights modifications as follows: (a) the time period by which dissenting shareholders of the Company may demand payment in accordance with MBCA Section 302A.473, Subd. 4(b) shall be extended from within 30 days after notice is given by the Company pursuant to MBCA Section 302A.473, Subd. 4(a) to within 60 days of said notice and (b) the defendants in the actions will waive all rights to seek attorneys’ fees in connection with a dissenters’ rights proceeding pursuant to MBCA Section 302A.473, Subd. 8, from any shareholders of the Company who properly demand dissenters’ rights under Minnesota law

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    • and you think the Germans will stick around? I've been involved in dissenters rights deals pal. Ask around in Minnesota for what happened to the dissenters in Grand Casinos. Stock prices don't lie. The stock was trading at $12 because it was not worth more than $16. The stock is trading exactly as it would if the deal was about to close. Look at the options, look at everyone who knows what they are doing.

      You keep posting though and keep making excuses to those who didn't sell when the stock was $16.30. Hopefully they have brokers who won't charge them for the tender exchange and stuff so they don't get less than $16.