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  • agreed_manuel agreed_manuel Jul 28, 2008 8:05 PM Flag

    China's cleanup

    Your political views seem a little out of whack but you seem to be right regarding China's refusal to stop polluting. I read the article at your linkd and found this one as well. I wonder how various news agencies aroung the world will play this story.

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    • I agree. China is not interested in environmental clean-up beyond appearances.

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      • Agreed - China is doing cleanup for appearances at the moment. Lived there for 10 months last year. I saw their attempt to clean the air in Beijing for 4 days (alternating vehicle removal from roads by license tags). There was no noticeable air quality improvement (also no breeze to move air those days). Roads were less congested, but without air movement nothing changes.
        They will slowly address the environmental issues. It's imparative or social unrest will stir. The people will not stand for unclean drinking water much longer.
        They actually caught maids in our hotel refilling water bottles from the tap. We had to poke holes in the bottles after they were consumed, to help ensure we were getting true, fresh bottled water.
        CLWT has a promising future if China is forced to get serious. The people will ultimately decide.

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