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  • value_amigo value_amigo Aug 28, 2012 9:25 AM Flag

    Value or Value trap

    Chanos best short characteristics:

    Stock is cheap, single digit p/e, boasting of high fcf ratio, high debts, buybacks with debt.Better known mgt usually is place for some time owns the board

    Seismic shift in technology, Cost, Wmt, Tgt, Dollar stores, Whole foods.... Low growth

    R&D spending hidden by acquisition, a number of over priced failed acquisitions here

    cashflows flat to down last few years.

    Pricing is going to be under pressure imo. do think swy will have to lower margins somewhat to indicate to its customer it is a price i am thinking fcfs will continue to fall but 600-700 mil is not all that bad eventually if debts come down big.

    where was the boost by lifestyle conversion? Most stores are converted but not the boost one would expect.

    if burd continues to get big compensation payouts based on EPS CAGR but due mostly to using shareholder money for buybacks I would be alarmed.

    Value or Value Trap?

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