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  • stok1mom stok1mom Nov 28, 2012 12:34 AM Flag


    I shop at Safeway all the time and I have never been short-changed. If there is a mistake in an item, Safeway is very happy to refund me my money. As to returning items, I have no reason to return groceries that I buy for my family. We eat them.

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    • Maybe Safeway stores are better than Vons stores but they're all owned by Safeway so it's pretty much one and the same. We have had problem after problem with Vons and even reported the issues with their corporate office. The reply we got was an apology but nothing in the way of remedying the problems we had. This company is living on borrowed time. Can you imagine how many pensions and health plans they have to pay the lowlifes working for them during and then after they retire? This is what they have tried to weazel out of in prior labor disputes. another one approaching soon, so if you own this pos stock, just be ready it's going to get rocky. And then there's Costco and Wallmart and Albertsons and Ralphs...all eating Von's lunch. I really don't see why those in charge don't just sell the company while there is still some value to bricks and mortar.