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  • starbuckster2 starbuckster2 Jan 25, 2013 10:49 AM Flag

    Upgrade, downgrade which is it?

    SWY gets downgraded yesterday and now today it gets an upgrade. Which is it guys or gals? Makes me laugh!

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    • Opinions are like you know what , everyone has one.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Star: It's like I keep saying, the analysts change their ratings about every three months. I have an account with Morgan Stanley, and when it was first set up, my adviser suggest I get out of certain stocks because there was no room for growth. Then MS changes the rating and all of a sudden the same stock is a darling. I never listened to them, and later got a call from my adviser saying you have done very well on the stocks you held, I am not going to make any more recommendations. It's been that way for twelve years now. They don't know what the future is any more than I do. I still believe that their recommendations are based on what is good for the company they work for, not for the average guy in market.