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  • hairy_is_still_jealous hairy_is_still_jealous Apr 30, 2013 4:29 PM Flag

    An Insight for Safeway Shareholders


    I am a senior equity Analyst who follows major tech stocks. I reside in an affluent neighborhood in Northern California. Part of my job is to analyze small things that may provide an insight about how a company is run.
    So, I thought I would give the Safeway shareholders an insight about a recent BAD experience at one of their upscale NORCAL stores which I have been a customer at for 17 years.

    This morning around 10:00am I went to the Safeway Pharmacy to pick up a prescription. I paid for the prescription at the Pharmacy. I then saw some specials on chicken so I picked up a package and paid for it on the way out at the front check out without any problem.

    Upon arrival at home, I found I was out of Freezer bags, so I returned to the store. I wrote a check to pay for the freezer bags and some other items for $16. The clerk asked for my phone number, but the system would not process the check after several tries. The clerk said there was a problem with the check and implied it was due to my bank. The store manager then ushered me over to the customer counter where I was asked for my driver's license and again for my phone number. The manager also told me it was my bank's fault. The second clerk then called someone and after asking to speak with a supervisor I was put on hold for several minutes.

    Finally, I was told the real reason for the long delay was that the computer would not allow me to use three checks in one day. So I was kept waiting for an extended period of time, lied too, and publicly humiliated by this experience.

    So to prevent more long time customers from this type of experience, here's a simple solution that the Safeway computer jocks seem to have missed in their zeal to prevent me, a multi-millionaire, from passing a bad check for $16.

    Next time your computer blows a friggin fuse over three checks, you might have it also check to see how many bad checks the customer has tried to pass at Safeway stores.

    It;'s called KISS, keep it simple, STU

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    • Just a few comments from a long time Safeway customer.

      Yesterday, I filled my prescription at the Safeway pharmacy. I asked if I could pay for it at the grocery check out and they semmed very hesitant to do that, so as usual I paid for it at the pharmacy. I often puchase food items at the same time I fill my prescription. So, counter to some of the comments posted on this thread, it is not highly usual to write a couple of checks in one day at Safeway.

      As far as checks versus plastic goes, I have had my credit cards compromised, but never had a problem with checks.

      I have encountered other issues at Safeway indicating someone at HQ is on over drive about bad checks.

      I think a number of posters are trying to find an alibi to excuse a short sighted Safeway policy that can be easily corrected.. If some of these are corporate types, I suggest you take the suggestion offered by the Analyst rather than trying to defend your corporate image.

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      • Interesting that you and hairy believe that a retailer (any including Safeway) is obligated to take any number of checks you decide to write that day. My suggestion is to go to another retailer and write a number of checks and see that they too will limit the number also. I amazes me to read that hairy and you prefer checks because your plastic has been compromised. There is more information on your check than a credit card or debit card contain. Your account number, place where you bank, your name and address, usually a telephone number, that would be a hackers paradise. I am not making any alibis or excuses for Safeway, just observing the same practices in any retail business. Most of the bounced checks I have had to deal with came of people living in a "high end" neighborhood, go figure. .

    • i'm not a kazionaire like you, but i always carry 3 or 4, 50 dollar bills in one pocket and smaller bills, with a large paper clip, in the other pocket. It's a whole lot more convenient to pay cash. It's the AMERICAN WAY....what the heck is a debit card??

    • What a jack$$$ - ok Mr multi millionaire the next time someone fakes your checks and spends all of your millions and you threaten to sue, remember this post. It is amazing how in this day and age of theft that people throw a fit about being protected. If you are a multi millionaire as you say then get out the plastic, who in their right mind is using checks to make purchases? If you need help managing your millions, let me know.

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      • You corporate drones and apologists really don't seem to get it?

        Hairy offerred a solution.

        If Safeway can take the time and effort to check on how many checks a customer writes in a day, it can certainly check to see if that customer has passed any bad checks at their stores.

        It's a simple solution, but GOD forbid we ask corporate management to think outside of the box for once?

        They would much rather waste the shareholder money on advertising gimmics like paying jocks $5,000 to sign autographs at their store for an hour.

    • Personal opinions aside, this post is a clear example of the hassle of shopping Safeway. Poorly trained employees and managers that cannot answer questions accurately. A waste of time to the customer, other customers waiting in line, and store employees to try to figure out these problems. Just like all the problems customers are having with Just 4 You (go to the Safeway Facebook...) causing big wastes of time in the stores.

      I don't get why the customer thinks it is safer to write a check (with their name, full address, phone number written on the check, and full bank account number) than to use a credit card where none of this is seen and no card data can be stored on the company's server, but it is not our business to dictate how the customer pays. We should be happy the customer pays however they decide to do so; it is their choice.

    • First identity theft can be accomplished in many ways, including writing checks. It would be unusual to write three checks in one day to the same retailer. If someone had stolen those checks, that's exactly what they would be doing, writing as many as they could pass off before the account was closed. Cash is the real answer for identity theft. There are no codes, passwords, or other identifying things left behind. So I would suggest you use cash and you have solved your issue for identity theft and cash is take everywhere. After reading your post, I think that Safeway was actually protecting your checking account against fraud. It really isn't often a person writes three checks in the same day to any retailer. Also, if you post again, we don't need to know you are a multimillionaire. I don't think I, nor anyone else really cares. You seem to think that being rich makes you above the normal rules of retail, and as you found out you are not. Hope you have better experiences in the future, and remember you put your pants on the same as everyone else,. Have a great day, and try to remember there are all kinds of riches in this world, not just money.

    • at first I thought the writer was going to tell us if Safeway was a BUY,SELL,or HOLD. Go play crazy elsewhere mr multimillioliar. You dont like Safeway, go to walmart and see if the customer service is better there.

    • Seems like a reasonable solution, but maybe too much for a grocery store to think about their customers first rather than taking a hit on a $16 check.

    • Looks like you got the corporate drones all worked up trying to defend a dumb #$%$ corporate policy.


    • Those people are just doing their job. Get over yourself skipper.

    • You're a ballyhooed senior equity Analyst and multi-millionaire -- and you're writing checks for $16 purchases?
      You do know this is the 21st century and not the 1960's, right? It really irks me when I have to wait in line at Costco or Safeway while people, (like you), fumble around locating their checkbook and then writing checks for simple retail purchases.
      Here's a suggestion to add to your multi-million(s) -- get a cash-back credit card, (I use Chase Visa/Freedom), pay your bill every month when it is due, and get 1% cash back.
      You MAKE money on your purchases, save time and hassle for yourself and others, (like me), in line behind

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