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  • mandan14shooter mandan14shooter Jun 12, 2013 5:02 PM Flag

    Working in a grocery store and Jerry Paul....

    i worked high school time at the Red Owl store in Mandan. It was a large store and manager Chris was an old timer and was always trying to save the store money. If there was a free knife or fork attached to a cereal box, with no reference to it on the box, he would take them off and sell them for 19 cents. One Friday evening the store was packed and Chris was at the 4th checkout counter near the end wall. There was 7 or 8 ladies backed up at all the checkout stands.
    i was working in the back room wrapping produce and Jerry was also back there. He worked full time and was a SHORT guy. i bet him 50 cents that he couldn't get into a large cereal box. He took the bet and climbed in easily and i quickly folded the top of the box and shoved a two-wheeler under it. For some crazy reason he stayed in the box, while i wheeled it up to the front of the store and set it about 10 feet away from Chris. i walked halfway up the aisle and heard all the women laughing. i looked around and Jerry's red face (which matched his bow tie perfectly) jumped out of the box and ran back to produce. He was Hot. Manager Chris was a no-nonsense ol guy, but he never said a thing about it. We did crazy things all the time to keep our sanity. Carrying out at 40 below, with snow on the ground, was no fun but a buck an hour was good money at the time for part-time work....