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  • starbuckster2 starbuckster2 Sep 26, 2013 10:09 AM Flag


    Just curious about your take on these insider sales? I've seen about 7 now in the last week or so, some as low as selling for a 50 cent gain. Now these last 3 or 4 sold for around $32 or thereabouts after paying $29.94 for them. Now you seem confident in the shareprice going higher, why IYO are these people selling for a fairly small gain. If I remember correctly one insider bought at $29.94, sold at $30.44. If just that person had held on for a few more days they could have sold at almost 2 dollars higher if they sold today. Are they obligated to sell these shares the day they exercise them? Just curious about your opinion on this. Thanks !

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    • Insiders all jumping overboard because of competition.

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    • Maybe they are options. Exercise and take the peanuts. Well, the Kroger Peanuts that cost 1.67 a can. Not the same size at SWY that costs 3.99.

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      • I assume they were options that allowed them to buy at $29.94. My question to amazing was since he seems confident in the shareprice going higher, why would these insiders who I would think talk to others sell for such a small gain if they felt like amazing does? I would have to find it again but I think one of those people bought and then sold either 70,000 or 100,000 shares. At 50 cents, sure they realized a gain of around $50,000 selling at $30.44 but if they waited just about one week they could have sold right now for about another $200,000. Do they not have the confidence that amazing seems to have? That is what I was curious about and amazing answered it and gave me his opinion. I just wanted his opinion about the sales. JMO

    • Unless I see the CEO massively selling, then I really do not worry about it. Some time ago I was at a hotel bar with a president of the US portion (amounting to 70% of global sales) of a multi-national company. He mentioned how he saw his company stock rise from under $2 to over $10 within 6 months. He cashed out all his employee stock options at $10 and then watched the shares keep climbing higher. He then bought back the shares at $15 and watched the shares go above $18, but he did not sell. He was a little worried at the time as the shares were then trading at $13, but he felt he had enough profit from the stock options to cushion a loss. And this guy oversaw 70% of sales at this company and he did not know why his company stock was trading higher or lower.

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