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  • moneyinvestor36 moneyinvestor36 Nov 8, 2013 2:25 PM Flag


    SO WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT UNIONS??????????????????

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    • Hey idiot if you were a true money investor you would have wanted Burd fired a long time ago. This company has killed 3 major companies in the last 15 years, 2 of them did not have a union Genuardi's no longer in business after 90 years, Dominick's was established also about 90 years ago, the Texas division went from a 25% market share to 7% at times you IDIOT it's not the union it's called incompetence, and with investors like yourself to put up with these IDIOTS running the show what do you want... Burd had no #$%$%$#ing clue just like you don't, in the Chicago land market just so you know a few facts( get it facts do not expect you to get facts) Jewel had a 33% market share and Dominick's was at 29% this was 1996 both companies are union and pay same benefits, both were sold within a month of each other, Jewel was bought out two more times (so there is more change etc) today Jewel has a market share of 30% Dominick's 7% it's MANAGEMENT YOU are A STUPID IDIOT............Burd has a pension of 700000 a year thanks to investors like you...wait until the next earnings report this thing will go down to 20 dollars a share they just do not know anything about operating stores.

    • The news on Yahoo from Fly on the Wall says that short position is a RUMOR not confimed. Are you telling us you are CONFIRMING that it is true? Just curious if you will CONFIRM that rumor to all of us here or you are just making noise. What is it?