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  • bobbobwhite bobbobwhite Oct 23, 2002 3:25 PM Flag

    Why would a delisting

    delay cause the price to rise? Jeez. Not a fundamental change and sure no reason to get excited, as QMDC still has some regulatory flaming hoops to jump through before they will go anywhere on their own merit.

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    • Hey bob,
      Why would a "fundamental" change be necessary for a large change in the stock price? What about last April 25th? Was there a "fundamental" change in operations? NO. They simply reported earnings a lot less than what the ANALysts took a SWAG at.

      What about July (2nd?)? "Fundamental" change? NOT in operations, only in the method of recognizing some of the revenue.

      Strange - when Quad reported 2Q numbers in late July and they were a WHOLE lot less than what they said July (2nd?), there was no big drop. Wonder why? But through the weeks following, concern about the 'restatement' began to build and the stock price withered. Still, NO "fundamental" change.

      I think what I'm saying is that, if you're going to question today's jump based on no "fundamental" change, you should first ask why the price was ever that low to begin with since there was no "fundamental" change.

      As for NASDAQ's deadline, they gave Quadramed what Quadramed asked for. There had to be a fundamentally sound reason for that, a solid indicator of justifiable reasons for allowing a four month delay in filing. Of course, they had to stick to their guns and actually IMPOSE a deadline along with other "continued listing" stipulations to show that they (Naz) are in charge and on top of things.

    • I believe the concern was that NASDAQ would not defer delisting. This would trigger immediate redemption of the debentures under the terms of those securities (posted by doodah). Since sufficient cash is not available, the debtholders would take over the company and the shareholders would be wiped out. The deferment is a huge deal, ergo a big jump in price.

      That's not to say Quad is out of the woods, but at least it has some time to find its way.