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  • keyser_sohse keyser_sohse Dec 21, 1999 12:21 PM Flag


    Despite Jim's recent efforts to spin HIPAA into a
    Quadramed "positive" I remain unclear on specifically how
    the company is positioned to benefit from the new
    regs. Anybody have insight into how the stock value
    might be positively impacted in the coming year as a
    result of HIPAA? What is the specific value add from
    which they plan to benefit?

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    • I agree with BlackwatchsReg! With Pendleton at
      the helm, VantageMed is bound to rocket past
      Healtheon! This will be the RedHat of healthcare IT! With a
      10% share in VantageMed, QMDC's net worth could
      easily 10X by 2001! Imagine owning 10% of Microsoft,
      prior to their IPO!

      Just kidding...

    • I believe we may be leaving the $4 to $5 lows of
      October & November. It looks like the market is
      calculating in the 10%+ ownership of VantageMed by Quad into
      the getting the stock back in the $7 range. As the
      deal gets closer to pricing this is probably the only
      factor keeping Quad at these lofty levels!

    • Bot-Feeder: Just wanted to let you know that the
      reply and advice you received from "sprucegooose11" is
      NOT from "sprucegooseII", the well-known and
      respected member of the QMDC Board.

      Over the past
      few months, this imposter has been hiding behind
      knock-offs of other Yahoo ID's, pumping VantageMed and
      Pendleton. He even replies to his own messages, to create
      the illusion of a discussion.

      Caveat emptor!

    • please find excerpts from an article i saw about
      micron electronics. it appears that they have hired a
      former quad officer as as a technology
      officer...."Micron Electronics also announced today the appointment
      of William R. Burns, Jr. to the position of Vice
      President of Data Center Infrastructure and Operations.
      Burns brings more than 15 years of engineering and
      networking infrastructure experience to Micron Electronics
      and its hosting operations.

      "William Burns
      brings the years of technology operations experience
      necessary to drive our data center operations and manage
      the explosive growth in our hosting business," said

      Most recently, Burns served as Senior
      Vice President of Information Technology and Chief
      Technology Officer at QuadraMed Corporation. "

      this fellow leave the company recently? if he was a
      valued employee and was lured away to another company, i
      think that would be noteworthy. you hate to see an
      information company lose its chief technology officer.